I am a Junior Web developer able to build a Web presence from the ground up - from concept, navigation, layout, and programming to UI and UX. Skilled at writing well-designed, testable, and efficient code using current best practices in Web Development.
I'm a Fast learner, Hard worker, and Passionate about Coding!

a laptop showing codes

I started Programming at the age of 11 by learning how to code in Qbasic, and I soon wrote codes for 8051 Microcontrollers. I was into Professional Projects with Digital Electronics and Robotics from my 13.
I built several Digital Devices with AVR & ARM Microcontrollers throughout those early teenage years; and It was as sweet and amazing to me as my innovations and creativity were incredible in terms of my family and friends.

a PCB made by Hossein

After my College years and Graduation from Avionics (Aviation Electronics), I was employed at FARSCO Aviation MRO Center as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and my job was to maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade the Electronic, Instrument and Navigation Systems of Civil Aircrafts.

Hossein at Airbus A320 Cockpit

I was at Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance Services for 7years...
And finally have been studying and practicing Web Development throughout the last 10 months by taking several mastery Courses and accomplishing some professional projects...

React.js Codes